Out with the Old....

Recently I’ve been going through and updating old work.  These two personally struck me as pieces that could be so much better with some minor tweaks.  The first of each set is the updated version and the second is the old one.  I made tweaks the lighting, composition, and corrected some minor mistakes.  The bridge-like structure, in the river house piece for example seems like it would collapse under its own weight if it were real.  I cut some parts off of it to make it seem more believable.  

   Also in the other piece, I cropped it to make the composition more focused.  I felt the background was poorly drawn and distracting from the focus of the piece which was supposed to be the sword.  Making these changes refocused the piece to draw attention to the right places.  I also lowered the opacity of the lens flares as I felt they were too distracting. 

I feel a lot more confident in my portfolio now and have even better stuff coming soon.  Can’t wait to post it!