More 3D Modeling!


An attempt at a self-portrait in Zbrush.  It's okay but at certain angles the likeness is not totally there.  The hair in particular is not that great.  Long/flowing hair is easy to model but I have short and somewhat spiky hair and I'm not sure how to model that realistically in Zbrush.  Whether that's because of a lack of skill or because hair is reserved for other methods and technologies remains to be discovered for me.  From what I've seen, games, such as Metal Gear Solid 4, usually use sprites or something like that for hair so it's easier to animate as opposed to modeling and animating every strand of hair.  I could be wrong on that though.  Anyways, for that reason, I included a picture of me without the hair to both exclude its mediocrity and to have a good laugh.  It's interesting that I can now sort of tell what I would look like bald.  I could even potentially put new hairstyles on myself to see what it would look like all without needing to commit to actually getting that haircut.  Things to play around with the in the future perhaps.