Back to the Old Grind

Recently, I've really been trying to up the quality of my work.  To be honest, nothing has really satisfied me enough for me to say that it is of professional quality.    Take this piece I uploaded recently for example:

Looking at it, I could see potential for greatness inside, but for some reason I really couldn't unlock it.  The piece just didn't seem to work.  Despite this, I still felt as if it was still one of my stronger pieces in my portfolio and this depressed me to no end.  Fast forward a couple weeks and some freelance work and art tests that I've taken have taught me a couple tricks to speed up my workflow and get a more solid image.  It's not so much that working has has taught me how to do anything but rather that working in a stressful deadline oriented environment forced me to find new ways and experiment to output a better product in less time.  

It's here that I learned how to integrate more large scale changes into my workflow.  The piece above felt to me like the composition, lighting, and color palette wasn't quite working and I felt this for many pieces that I was freelancing on.  Still, I didn't have the time to start over every piece on the job so instead I used the magic of digital art to make large scale changes in much less time.  I've applied this new knowledge in improving this piece to a point where I"m satisfied with it.  

I suspect that in a couple months time, or perhaps less, I'll look back on this piece and once again feel unsatisfied, but for now I really think that my work has taken a noticeable step up.  It's not a perfect piece by any means but the huge leap in quality from my previous version to this version has me optimistic about the future quality of my work.  

On a side note, I want to acknowledge that my blog has been lacking updates recently.  I've watching a ton of Zbrush tutorials in my effort to add professional 3D modeling to my repertoire .  I've also been making big progress in that department as well and hope to have something good to show soon.  Stick around!