Upcoming work and Figure Sketches!

I've noticed recently that despite classifying myself as an environment artist first and a vehicle/mech designer second, I'm not truly satisfied with any of my environments and am more satisfied with my vehicle designs.  I've been told and have noticed myself that this is probably due to a lack of actually fleshing out designs.  With vehicles I really take time to think about how the object exists in 3D space, what materials it's made of, the functionality of the ship, etc.  With environments I generally just loosely indicate designs and the result is an ambiguous piece that lacks specificity.  For the pieces I'm working on now I've really decided to take it slow and think about the design.  Starting from linework and then slowly moving into paint instead of just jumping straight into the paint.  The projects not done yet but I can already tell that it has the potential to be my best work yet.  I'll be posting a step by step process video here on this blog once I'm done so anyone interested can check that out.  

Until then hopefully this figure sketch from my daily studies will keep y'all interested.   Initially I planned to do one male and one female study everyday but I found that the second drawing would always suffer.  Each drawing takes a while since I'm really studying and trying to learn the proportions so I can replicate figures without references.  I've since decided to do just one sketch a day and I feel like the quality of the drawing the and learning have improved dramatically.  This image is my personal favorite out of all the figures I've done.