I'm always up for learning new software to improve my work so on a whim I picked up Google SketchUp!  It's actually quite amazing how easy it is to use.  I was able to create this scene minutes after opening the program for the first time.  The scene is nothing fancy, as I was more focusing on learning the program rather than creating an authentic scene with tons of details, but it's wonderful how it gets the basic point across.  I can easily see how this could be seamlessly integrated into my workflow to help quickly establish perspective and layout of an environment.  This way I could make a scene and then choose the best camera and lighting angle to use before drawing over it on Photoshop.  Awesome!  Best of all, this program is free so download it yourself and give it a try!  You can get it at  Again, it's made by Google, or at least sponsored by them so it's not a sketchy download.  SketchUp is no Zbrush in terms of modeling incredibly detailed and realistic sculptures, but I have yet to see a program that is as efficient at quickly modeling basic layouts.