Tried out a new painting style and I’m loving the results.  This piece has problems but it’s been a while since I think I learned this much from a painting.  It is true, however, that occasionally you just get lucky with pieces and everything just ends up working.  Only time will tell if my satisfaction with this one is down to me being lucky or a change in technique/style.  Regardless, hope to keep the momentum going.  

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Hitman Fan Art!

Some fan art for my favorite game since 2008! Been looking for an excuse to start improving my anatomy skills and Hitman provided enough colorful characters to motivate me. The likenesses aren't quite there but that's something that will hopefully improve with more practice.  I initially intended only to do one character but I got overly ambitious and tried to do a bunch more.  I'll be trying to keep it simple from here seeing as I've still got a lot to learn when it comes to drawing people.    

Happy New Year everyone!   To start it off, here’s a new piece inspired by my favorite game of all time.  Props to whoever can guess what that is.   It’s been an unbelievable year for me with some lows but some incredible highs.  Hopefully, this year I can build off of what I’ve learned and make some real progress.  It’s early days but I know that 2017 will need to be a pivotal year for my art.  The training wheels are coming off and it’s time to start being more proactive with my projects.    

I’ve always operated more like I consider art to be a passion that sometimes pays rather than a job that I sometimes like.  And while I think that being passionate about what you do is ultimately more important I do think a balance needs to be struck.  Man does not live by dreams alone, and it’s time for me to start thinking about how I can support myself with my art.    

In that spirit, I’ve decided to start selling prints of my work on Inprnt!  If you like my work and would like to support me consider purchasing some of my work!  I’ll include a link below. 

To everyone who follows my work I want to say thanks for being along for the ride this year!  You all make the struggle worth it.  I’ve seen my work improve a lot this year and I can’t wait to see what it looks like this time next year.  Hope you stick around to see it.    

STORE:: https://www.inprnt.com/gallery/james_chao/ 


Website: http://www.jameschaoart.com/


Art Station: https://www.artstation.com/artist/jameschao

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Recently I've been pretty busy so I haven't been able to update this blog, but that doesn't mean I"m not outputting work.  If you check out my portfolio from time to time, you may have noticed some new pieces being stealthily uploaded.  When I get the time I'll try to blog more but at the moment I'm riding a creative wave that I don't want to end.  Since writing isn't a strength of mine I often feels like it slows my momentum.      For now, I'll just dump some sketches of pieces I'm working on.  Apologies for the lack of explanations, more stuff to come when I have more time.  

Some personal work

Happy Friday y’all!  I’ve got some work to show.

Finally sat down with this piece and finished it.   I realized that it had been while since a I did an environment piece with line art.  It felt good to switch it up a bit.  I’ve included a some images to show my process from loose sketch to finished painting in case anyone was interested.  More to come!  Stick around!

Surgery Room Line.png


I've been working on some sketching in my spare time to help increase my work rate.  More to follow soon!  


3D Modeling Practice

Had a bit of fun a couple months back practicing sculpting by making this in Zbrush.  I never finished it but I think it’s in a showable state.  As a kid, a Lego set of this from Star Wars was my favorite toy, and it still sits above my computer today.  Sculpting it really brought me back to the good old days.   

This has been done for a while.  Just forgot to upload it.  Feel pretty meh about it but it’s not terrible I guess.  It just lacks a focus which stems from an initial sketch that lacked direction.  Something to keep in mind for the future I suppose.


New Stuff!

Finally finished this project!  Took a little while longer than I normally take because I really felt like these pieces (more so the first one) were some of my strongest and wanted to polish them up as best I could.  But it's finally done and now it's onto the next project!  

Recently I’ve been pretty lazy about updating my blogs.  I’ve just been doing so much work that I don’t feel like slowing down and typing something up about my progress.  Anyways, I’ll try to start posting the finished pieces here and there starting with this one.

Zbrush Stuff!

Finally finished!  Took way too long to get done but I learned a lot during the process which will hopefully make future portrait sculpts faster.  


     I’m currently working on like 5 different projects at once so here’s a small update on some work I’ve been doing with the mech I’m designing.  This is just the structure of the foot.  The final product is nowhere near done.

Out with the Old....

Recently I’ve been going through and updating old work.  These two personally struck me as pieces that could be so much better with some minor tweaks.  The first of each set is the updated version and the second is the old one.  I made tweaks the lighting, composition, and corrected some minor mistakes.  The bridge-like structure, in the river house piece for example seems like it would collapse under its own weight if it were real.  I cut some parts off of it to make it seem more believable.  

   Also in the other piece, I cropped it to make the composition more focused.  I felt the background was poorly drawn and distracting from the focus of the piece which was supposed to be the sword.  Making these changes refocused the piece to draw attention to the right places.  I also lowered the opacity of the lens flares as I felt they were too distracting. 

I feel a lot more confident in my portfolio now and have even better stuff coming soon.  Can’t wait to post it!